Competitor Staff Tackling 30-Day Fitness Challenge

Don't just look at your new running shoes, Jason, go put some mile on them! Photo: Jason Devaney

Day 25: Friday, January 31

Mario Fraioli, Senior Editor: With a busy day ahead of me and a long run on tap for tomorrow, I snuck out around 9 AM for a quick 32-minute run from home, covering my standard 5-mile loop a couple minutes faster than usual. It’s funny how fast you’ll go when pressed for time!

Caitlyn Pilkington, Associate Editor: 70 minutes on the walking desk today. I was kind of dizzy when I got off!

Jason Devaney, Associate Web Editor: Sitting there looking at my new running shoes all week was too much, so I headed out for a headlamp run after dark. The route included two ascents of a lung-busting hill that was brutal. Four and a half miles later, I was back at the house. Oh, and the shoes were great.

Allison Pattillo, Contributing Editor: We are in the midst of a huge snowstorm. Made it to the slopes for a few ski runs and went for an easy 5K run/shuffle around town.

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