Competitor Staff Tackling 30-Day Fitness Challenge

Got snow? Photo: Allison Pattillo

Day 30: Wednesday, February 5

Mario Fraioli, Senior Editor: I met up with a couple friends this morning for a headlamp run in the dark. We got in just under 50 minutes before the sun came up. Good start to the day and nice way to end the 30-day challenge!

Caitlyn Pilkington, Associate Editor: Spending my day in bed battling the flu was not how I wanted to end the 30-day challenge.

Jason Devaney, Associate Web Editor: I hit the weight room Wednesday afternoon and put in a good strength session. Things are getting awfully busy with the Olympics here at NBC, so I kept it to about a half hour in order to get some sleep. Now that this challenge is over, I’d still like to work out every day. It’s part of my routine now!

Allison Pattillo, Contributing Editor: I decided to finish the month the way I started it, with a skate ski! Chilly and challenging, but kept at it for about an hour. Hit the weight room for a few sets of upper body work once my hands thawed.

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