Boston Marathon 2014 Statistical Analysis

Statistician Raymond Britt looks at the numbers from past Boston Marathons and how they compared to this year’s race.

With 31,805 official finishers (out of 32,408 starters and 35,755 official entrants), the 2014 Boston Marathon was the second largest in the race’s 118-year history. It also had the highest percentage of women finishers (45 percent) and one of the highest official finishing rates (90 percent). Only the centennial race in 1996 had a larger field, with 38,700 official starters and 35,868 official finishers (93 percentage finishing rate). Click through the slides below for a complete statistical breakdown of the 2014 Boston Marathon.

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About The Author:

Raymond Britt ran the Boston Marathon 13 consecutive years from 1996-2008. He’s the author of “Boston Marathon: the Legendary Course Guide.” See more of Raymond’s Boston Marathon Analysis at and follow him on Twitter at @RunTriMedia.

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