Learning To Trust Your Training

Reminding yourself that each workout has a purpose will help improve your confidence in your training plan.

To consistently run well, it’s critical that you have an unwavering belief in your fitness and your race plan. 

Trust. It’s one of the most often overlooked components of successful training and racing. Having trust in your training plan, your fitness, and even yourself is as critical in running as it is in maintaining a successful relationship with your spouse.

Too often, runners don’t trust their own training (even when they have a well-written plan or a coach by their side), they don’t trust their race plan (negative splitting is a difficult concept to master, especially when “time in the bank” seems so appealing), and runners don’t always trust the hard work they’ve put in, even after countless miles and track intervals. Instead, a lack of self confidence and negative thinking take over and it shows in poor race results.

If you’re a beginner runner and you think you’re alone every time you question your fitness, your training plan, or your race strategy, you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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Lack of trust in my training is the most difficult struggle I encountered as a competitive runner. Even more than my numerous injuries and more than bad race results, which I believe were a consequence of me not having faith in my training. The biggest mistake I made throughout my career was not trusting my coaches, not trusting myself, and not trusting my fitness.

To help you better understand this concept, and hopefully prevent you from making the same mistakes, here are three very specific examples of how a lack of belief in my coaches, my training, and myself lead to poor results and injuries, and how you can prevent similar situations from happening to you.

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