The 4 Best Strength Training Exercises For Runners

Strength training is an essential part of any runner's workout regimen. Photo:

Single-Leg Deadlifts

Holding free weights or a barbell in front of your body slightly, bend one knee, hinge forward at the waist and lift the opposite leg behind you. Lower the weights, keeping them very close to the tops of your legs until you reach just below your knees. Engage your hamstring and glute of the leg planted on the ground and come back to standing. Repeat eight to 12 reps and switch to the other leg.

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“A lot of runners are hamstring dominant and don’t use their glutes,” explained John Martinez, assistant head doctor for the Ironman World Championships. “Runners figure out a way to run without using their glutes the way they should.”

Doing glute specific exercises such as the single-leg deadlift can build the glute muscles so they can be used when running. “Donkey kicks and the single-leg pelvic bridge are other good exercises to tire the glute muscles out.”

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