Friday Fail: Mo Farah’s Saliva Accidentally Hits Photographer In Record-Smashing Race

A photographer got more than he bargained for while trying to get a great Mo Farah shot. 

Last Sunday’s Grand Prix meet in Birmingham, England witnessed middle-distance runner and Olympic champion Mo Farah breaking the British 2-mile record—a record that has stood for almost 36 years. Spectators also happened to catch on video Farah’s saliva land on a photographer lying in the infield of the track as Farah made his last turn en route to victory.

Farah obliterated the record, set by Steve Ovett in 1978, by six seconds with a final time of 8:07.85. A tremendous feat for Farah, adding to his collection of now eight national records and claiming the European record for the 2-mile event as well. In this case Farah and his spit are winning. However, not so much for the photographer who failed (and had no idea) to choose a location outside of Farah’s unpredictable spitting range. Hopefully he still managed to get a great shot (not covered in spit).

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