Running 101: How To Select The Best Pair Of Running Shoes

A specialty running shop is a good place to try on different pairs of shoes before making your purchase.

Gait Analysis

To find the right shoe, shoe sales staff often watch customers run on a treadmill or outside. “The visual analysis of a customer’s footstrike is an essential part of finding the right shoe,” explained Dan Schade of Fleet Feet in San Francisco. “The goal is to use a shoe to correct any overpronation, help with shock absorption and guidance for supinators or complement their foot strike if they have a neutral foot strike to begin with.” Schade distinguishes the Fleet Feet exam as a tool for shoe fitting and urges runners to seek the advice of sports medicine doctors or podiatrists for gait analysis that addresses injury- or form-related issues. “We work closely with podiatrists, physical therapists and sports chiropractors so we can refer our customers,” explained Schade.

This piece first appeared in Competitor magazine. 

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