Monday Motivation: Racing the London Tube

Here’s a unique workout to incorporate into your training. Instead of sprinting around a track, switch it up by outrunning the London underground (or any city subway line for that matter).

A London commuter, James Hepstonstall, has proven that traveling on foot can be just as fast as taking rail transport. In this video, he attempted to sprint 380 meters from London’s Mansion House to Cannon Street, one station stop along the Circle Line. In order to complete this speedy feat, Hepstonstall had 1 minute and 20 seconds to beat the train. This seems like just enough time for an average 400-meter sprint with 20 meters to spare in his case. However, Hepstonstall also had to maneuver through two ticket barriers and climb up and down a total of 75 steps, not to mention weaving his way past other commuters, which can slow you down significantly.

In the end, Hepstonstall the tube-dasher is successful, demonstrating that the challenge is not impossible and perhaps more thrilling than your usual running routine. It’s only a matter of time before the tube challenge becomes another wacky race of sorts.

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