Leadville Trail 100 Run Introduces Lottery System

The Leadville Trail 100 Run climbs more than 18,000 feet into the Colorado sky. Photo: Glen Delman

The 2015 “Race Across The Sky” is slated for Aug. 22, 2015.

Runners who want to participate in the 2015 edition of the Leadville Trail 100 Run will face a lottery, it was announced this week.

The registration period will run from Dec. 1-31, and runners will be notified in mid-January about whether or not they receive entry into the prestigious Colorado event dubbed the “Race Across The Sky.”

Runners will pay an initial fee of $15 to enter the lottery, which will be donated to The Leadville Legacy Foundation, a non-profit that helps the Leadville, Colo., community, and the Life Time Foundation, which helps provide school lunches to children.

Runners accepted into the race, scheduled for Aug. 22, will be automatically charged the registration fee of $315.

Runners may also gain entry into the Leadville Trail 100 Run via one of three qualifying races: the Austin Rattler 75K, Leadville Trail Marathon and the Silver Rush 50 Run. Each of those events will carry 25 qualifying slots—20 will be earned based on how runners finish in their divisions, while five more will be handed out through a random lottery after the race.

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Runners who qualify through those three events can elect to use their entry for either the 2015 or 2016 editions of the race.

Other methods of entry include registering for the Leadman/Leadwoman series, which opens Jan. 1 and is open to the first 100 registrants and charity slots. The 2014 winners will also be invited back. Runners who have finished the Leadville Trail 100 Run nine times will be given preferential treatment in the lottery.

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