Watch: Bill Murray Ditches “Late Show” to Train for the New York City Marathon

It’s only a matter of weeks before the New York City Marathon is upon us on Nov. 2, and everyone, including comedic actor Bill Murray, is shaping up for race day. Murray is so serious about his training that he even told David Letterman on Wednesday night’s Late Show how he “really needed to get a run in,” and then proceeded to exit the studio where a camera crew followed him on his run around the building.

Although Murray had originally appeared on the Late Show to promote “St. Vincent,” a new movie starring the actor, he decided his marathon training took far more precedence over the talk show.

Murray looks extra dashing in a tuxedo while he runs, and it seems the secret to much of his training lies in rubbing Bengay over the joints, stealing a random New Yorker’s water bottle and pretzel for fuel, and finally hitching a ride in a bike carriage. We’ll be rooting for Murray on race day.

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