Junk Miles: World’s Largest Treadmill Dance Party

What happens when you assemble 50 NordicTrack treadmills in a single room? The world’s largest treadmill dance party, of course.

To kick off 2015, treadmill brand NordicTrack released a fun new ad last week showcasing a gigantic treadmill dance party. It’s not only the largest treadmill dance party ever organized, but also the most eclectic gathering of treadmillers. Besides the dancers, the party is complete with a crazy-haired guitarist, half-naked saxophonist, ballerina, motorcyclist, skateboarder and yes, even an adorable puppy. This is not your ordinary visit to the gym, but it seems like it should beā€”minus the skateboarding and motorcycling that is potentially dangerous and should not be attempted on your home treadmill, especially on a 40 percent incline.

NordicTrack invited Youtube personalities to be a part of the ad and spread their own documentation of the video to their individual audiences. With already 2 million views on Youtube, it seems to be a grand success.

Check it out here and #makefunhappen.

“It’s not just about running on the treadmill and then being done, it’s about being with your family and just having a happier, healthier lifestyle,” says an employee from NordicTrack in this behind the scenes shoot.

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