Q&A: Molly Huddle Talks Running Shoes and Gear

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The record-holder gives insight on her long relationship with Saucony.

Molly Huddle is the U.S. record holder in the 5,000 meters, and was a 2012 Olympic 5,000 meter finalist. On the day Running Insight visited the Saucony Lab, Huddle, who trains out of Providence, R.I., was on hand doing some testing in the facility. The U.S. Olympian gave us a bit of insight into her relationship with the brand and her performance product needs.

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How often do you come in to the Saucony HQ to talk to the team?

“I come in frequently because I live in Providence, pretty close, so I have the opportunity to come in and see what is going on and give my feedback. I have a casual relationship with the design team where I can walk in and see some ideas and see what is possible. I’ve been with Saucony for seven years and I feel comfortable giving them my ideas. They are open minded and there is a lot that is possible. It’s also cool to get some samples that haven’t come out yet. I know that my feedback might affect the [R&D] and the model they end up selling to everyone.”

What shoes do you race in?

“I race in the Carrera cross country spike—high school kids will buy these. I talk to them at meets. The Kinvara is my shoe for training and on the road I race in the Type A.”

When you talk to the high school kids, what are they looking for in shoes?

“Oh, they just want the cool colors! I try to inform them of the design and how it impacts performance and how important that is.”

What attributes are most important to you in your training apparel?

“A little bit of it is just function. The weather, I mean we get all kinds of weather here. I like rain gear and compression gear. In training apparel it’s mostly about fit and really wanting it to stay put.”

What details do you look for in the footwear you train in?

“Just that you don’t notice it’s there. I want footwear that is comfortable and gets me through all the miles and is durable. Mostly comfort is what I comment on and look for.”

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