Marathon Training Plan: 4 Months to a Faster 26.2

The first step in running you next marathon better or faster is to get a good training plan. Photo:

The key to running a good marathon is starting with a plan that suits your ability and experience level. Following a 16-week plan will help ensure that you have a strong aerobic engine that’s been fine-tuned with faster workouts to build the specific endurance necessary to maintain your goal pace for the entire 26.2-mile race. If you’ve run one marathon (or several) and you want to run your next one faster, this intermediate training plan, created by Competitor senior editor, Olympic coach and author of The Official Rock ‘n’ Roll Training Guide, Mario Fraioli, is aimed at helping you get stronger and faster over a four-month period leading up to your race.

Free Marathon Training Plan

Click here for the printable PDF: 4 Months to a Faster Marathon


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