Photos: A Glimpse Inside The Volcano Ultra Trail Races in Chilean Patagonia

With new trail races appearing almost annually, Chile become a prominent ultra-distance mountain running destination. The Volcano Ultra Trail races in early December have erupted onto the international mountain running radar in recent years, inviting adventurous runners who wish to test their might against the beautiful yet rugged Northern Patagonian Andes. As of a result of Calbuco Volcano’s eruption last spring, much of the terrain of the Volcanic Ultra Trail races were covered in a thick layer of volcanic sand, making for some of the most physically demanding trail races the world has ever known. Here are some amazing glimpses inside the races from the lenses of photographers Patricio Oberg, Matias Donoso, Paolo Avila and Horacio Lyon.

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For more about the Volcano Ultra Trail races, go to the event’s website.

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