Nike AeroSwift Tape—The Next Big Thing in Running?

As Galen Rupp was winning the 10,000-meter run on July 1 at the U.S. Olympic Trials in Eugene, Ore., plenty of fans in the grandstands at Hayward Field could be overheard asking things like: “What is that tape he’s wearing on his arms and legs?” and “Is Galen hurt and being taped together with kinesio tape?” Well, Rupp is not hurt, as he proved by winning the 10,000 and also advancing to the final of the 5,000 on July 4. The tape he was wearing was not for injury rehab or prevention, it was all about being more aerodynamic as he ran around the track. Called AeroSwift Tape, it’s part of Nike’s ongoing aerodynamic efficiency research project that also includes the brand’s Vapor track and field racing kits. Click through the photos below to learn more about it.

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