Facebook Groups That Can Actually Save Runners Money

Many runners, obstacle-course enthusiasts and endurance athletes are looking for ways to make the sport more affordable. Race discount codes, product giveaways or connecting with other runners for housing can really help to offset our costs. We found three legitimate Facebook groups that can help runners save a little cash.

Discount Codes for Races Facebook Group

This group is a place for athletes to post and request public discount savings codes for races and endurance events. Many of the discount codes posted are offered directly from the race organizers. The group does not allow members to post private codes, non-race fee discounts, virtual races, or offers to sell or buy race bibs.

#RunnerGiveaways Facebook Group

This group is a place where running and fitness bloggers post giveaways and contests for free items offered through their blogs. Giveaways posted often include free race entries, endurance products, clothing and gear, personal care items and more. (Contest/giveaway rules vary by blogger.)

You can also check Twitter for the #runnergiveaways hashtag for more offers.

Runner Room Trade/Share Facebook Group

Many people already find a spare bed or couch to stay at for a race through community sites like Couchsurfing.com. This group was developed specifically for runners who are willing to host others before events. It also helps people who are trying to find others to share hotel rooms to save money.

Running Items For Sale

Those shoes that don’t quite fit right. That pair of shorts with the tags still on it. Now you can find a new home for the running items you barely use. And you can make a little bit of money back for them. This is also a great place to purchase second hand gear at a discounted price from fellow runners.

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