What It Looks Like To Run Along America’s Iconic Route 66

Last summer, Salomon sponsored athlete Max King decided to embark on what he called a “running holiday.” With only his running pack and his two feet, he explored sections of the iconic highway Route 66. The 2,448-mile road, which originally ran from Chicago to Los Angeles, was a symbol of American progress. However the advent of the Interstate Highway System left much of the highway in danger or completely abandoned.

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King decided to travel through sections in the Southwest, documenting his experience. He visited communities still thriving along the road with a combination of running and rides from friendly locals. His journey features gorgeous scenery of the American west. It also highlights the spirit of those fighting to keep Route 66 alive.

“Everything that I saw out there is something special,” says King in the short film. “It represents a special piece of American history. And while only a percentage of the road has survived, its spirit lives on.

Learn more about King’s running holiday and Route 66 by watching the latest episode of Salomon TV above.

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