Balega’s New Sock Collection Honors Inspirational Runner

So many runners rely on inspirational messages to keep going. Sometimes it’s written on a hand or bracelet and you can look down for a boost. Or it’s a race sign that your family holds along the road as you soldier on. It can even be a mantra you repeat or a text from a friend that you recall mid-run.

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Balega offers a new option this month for your feet. Choose among these three sayings (and many other color options) to leave your own personal foot note with the Grit and Grace collection ($14 each, with $1 benefiting Breast Cancer Prevention Partners). The maxims are printed on Balega’s Enduro for women—a mid-weight sock with extra cushion on the bottom and arch support.

But the story doesn’t end there. This new collection is dedicated to Kim Stemple of Baton Rouge, La., a runner who understands how much of a difference kind words can make. After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, she founded We Finish Together to pass along medals and words of love and support to people going through challenges.

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Thousands of people have been cheered through her efforts so Balega wanted to take the opportunity to honor her: “Living large every day and giving her all, Kim is an inspiration for so many to keep going, and above all, to offer a comforting hand when needed, as a reminder that kindness matters.”

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