How to Organize a Charity Race From Start to Finish

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

For many of us, running is an outlet, a way to refresh our minds, energize our bodies and spend time in the beautiful outdoors. But there’s also an element of giving that we enjoy as well, since, some of our favorite races raise money for charities and non-profits that we believe in.

The pairing of pounding the pavement while supporting others is deeply ingrained in running culture; but what if you wanted to take it to another level? How do you go about planning your own race to support a cause that you love?

“Creating a race to raise money for charity is an incredible way to mesh a competitive athlete’s drive with their desire to help others and fundraising extends the race experience beyond personal achievement,” said Taralyn Tharp Kohler, Executive Director of the CORE Foundation, a social entrepreneur non-profit which mentors leaders looking to raise money and make a difference through athletic events. “It’s a great way not only to encourage training accountability but also exercise participation while raising funds and awareness for a cause that athletes are passionate about.”

If this idea piques your interest, here are some things to keep in mind if you’re contemplating putting money where your miles are:

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