Video: Salomon Athletes Discuss The Art of Footracing

“Every weekend, tens of thousands of people line up at a start line to run a footrace. Why? Running and competing is such a historic and intrinsic part of our culture that we don’t often question it,” starts the 6:12 video produced by Salomon TV.

The last in a series of 20 episodes, The Communal Art of Footracing explores the meaning behind our competitive drive, why it’s important and how it translates to ultrarunning. “And as our lives continue to be more automated, sanitized and sedentary, the innate desire to feel something of our wildest selves—to unshackle, unburden, simplify—is ever present,” says the narrator.

Salomon athletes Kilian Jornet, Emelie Forsberg, Francois D’Haene, Ida Nilsson, Joe Grant, David Laney and Lucy Bartholomew make appearances in the episode. “I think that in long distance running, in ultrarunning, especially out in the mountains where you really are challenged, you really find yourself,” says Bartholomew.

Launched in December 2017, the full series includes snippets from a variety of sports and topics including skiing and product design. Episode 3, Route 66, follows Max King as he runs through the historic landscapes of the American West on the iconic road. Episode 5, Remi, is the portrait of the 20-year-old Skyrunner World Series VK champion Rémi Bonnet in his home town of Charmey, Switzerland.

“We are in the post marathon age,” cites the narrator in episode 20, and lets us know that running 100 miles is no longer inconceivable, no longer impossible. You can watch all episodes here.

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