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7 Warning Signs That You’re Overtraining

Overtraining can put you on the sidelines for months or years at a time. But there are signs that you can look for to nip it in the bud.

History of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon

The annual marathon in Chicago is one of the biggest and most competitive marathons in the world, but in its early years, the event was a far cry from the glamorous and star-studded race it is today.

2018 Chicago Marathon Preview: Podium Predictions & Stories to Watch

On October 7, elites will head to the Windy City for the 2018 Chicago Marathon. Who will win, who will podium and who's story will cause a buzz on race day?

Smart Marathon Training: Make The Workout Count

Whether it's burning fat, improving speed, or strengthening certain muscle groups, each workout has a specific purpose.

Weak In The Knees? Strengthen Your Hips

Strengthening exercises for the hip abductors have become a standard treatment for patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS).

The Rundown: Asics GT 1000-7

With fall marathons coming up, the GT 1000-7 is an excellent choice for peak mileage weeks or a race itself.

The Underdogs of the Marathon Circuit

Major marathons tend to attract semi-elite runners, the ones near the top of results lists, but rarely on press releases.

How To Beat Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee is the most common running injury, accounting for roughly 20 percent of all running injuries.

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