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Is Obstacle Course Racing Dead?

Susan Lacke / December 5, 2018

Is Spartan’s new move toward more traditional racing a death knell for the OCR trend? Not quite.


The Perfect Salads to Fuel Your Week

Potatoes USA / December 4, 2018

Here are three great salads that are easy to make, and will keep you performing at your best whether you’re training for a race or moving through life.

Staying Mentally Sharp In All Seasons Of Running

Cammy Garvelink / December 4, 2018

Being mentally tough as competitive runners is an ongoing challenge. Learn how to stay focused after a string of bad races, injuries or negative feedback.


Open-Faced Hash: A Recovery Meal by Jess Cerra

Potatoes USA / November 28, 2018

No matter how much I train, the day after a race, I’m spent. Putting everything I have into a multi-hour race can take a toll on my body, but one thing I’ve found really helps me get back out there is making sure I eat right in the 48 hours after a race. And one […]