Come here to find out about all things training. This section includes everything from strength-training workouts to distance-specific exercises and how to PR on your next race.

Training Plans

Staying Mentally Sharp In All Seasons Of Running

Cammy Garvelink / December 4, 2018

Being mentally tough as competitive runners is an ongoing challenge. Learn how to stay focused after a string of bad races, injuries or negative feedback.

3 Track Workouts For Runners

Mackenzie Lobby / November 20, 2018

Add these bread-and-butter interval workouts to your running repertoire to boost speed and endurance.

The Benefits of the Off Season

Laura Peill / November 16, 2018

And as many athletes and coaches will tell you, the off-season is as much about the mental rest as the physical.

Run Your Fastest 5K

Pete Magill / November 15, 2018

An all-encompassing guide on nailing the 5K from building the speed and strength of a miler to increasing the endurance of a marathoner.