Pace Calculator and Other Training Calculators

Pace Calculator

Our pace calculator can help you figure out the average pace for your most recent race or workout by simply inputting the length of time you ran and the distance you covered. It can also use pace and distance to help you calculate time and your overall time and pace to help solve for distance.


To calculate time input distance and pace and click calculate time



To calculate your distance input time and pace and click calculate distance


To calculate pace input time and distance and click calculate pace

Training Intensity Calculator

This tool will help you determine your training intensity based upon a recent race performance by measuring the rate and volume at which oxygen is consumed per minute.

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Training Paces:

Calorie Burn Calculator

The calorie burn calculator uses your weight, speed and the duration of your workouts to calculate how many calories you burned while running, swimming or biking.

Please note: results are an estimate, actual results will vary depending on age, gender and overall fitness level.

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