New Survey Asks Runners About Their Biggest Pet Peeves

There are so many amazing aspects about running to enjoy. However, even the happiest runners have their pet peeves and bad habits. Reebok wanted to find out what exactly irks us the most.

The brand surveyed Americans, ages 16-44, who exercise weekly and run on a daily basis. In the process, they discovered some pretty funny statistics. For example, 46 percent of runners surveyed don’t shower before they meet up with friends.

Reebok also compiled a list of top 10 running pet peeves. Among the list, there were two answers that annoyed the majority of runners. Over three-quarters of respondents said they hate when other runners make it difficult to pass. And 71 percent of those asked get aggravated when people run too close to them.

The answers were not all bad though. Only 6 percent said that they prefer to ignore others when running. So at least most runners agree—a nod or a wave is the way to go.

Find out what the rest of the running pet peeves were in the gallery below.

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Image: Reebok
Image: Reebok
Image: Reebok
Image: Reebok

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